The wall comes down again: East Side Gallery, Berlin

031I was dismayed to see this picture last week – the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall is to be partially dismantled to make way for an access road to new luxury apartments. The Wall has been beautifully painted by various artists and is known as the East Side Gallery – I wrote about our visit on our Berlin holiday last year, which we really enjoyed. The image above links to another Telegraph photo, and the full gallery includes an artist’s impression of the proposed new apartment block. According to the accompanying story, about 300 protestors prevented all but a small section being taken away, and Demotix has a photo-story of thousands protesting on Sunday. As of yesterday, it seems that the process has been put on hold and the Mayor has said that he will try to ensure the structure is preserved. I hope he succeeds – I’m all for progress and regeneration where appropriate, but this is a unique piece of history that should be preserved.

PS 11/3/12 – since I wrote last week, there have been further developments, including the setting up of a petition and support from David Hasselhof no less. If you want to sign the petition, all the information is on andBerlin’s blog.