Glasgow Women’s Heritage Walks

If you don’t know Glasgow, a great way to explore the city is on a guided walk. And if you DO know Glasgow it’s still great, because you will find out all sorts of hidden histories and little known facts. Several organisations can help, but my favourite walks (DISCLAMER! I help with them) are Glasgow Women’s Library’s Heritage Walks. There are five in total: West End, East End, Merchant City, Garnethill and the Necropolis. In addition, for most of them you can download maps from the link above to follow the walks yourself and for the West End walk there is even a podcast at £3. Walks are £7.50 and the programme runs regularly throughout the year. Below is a montage of three of the walks, and a link to a great blog post by a recent participant on the Necropolis Walk. I also wrote in more detail on this blog about the Necropolis after my last tour exactly one year ago and I’ve created a Storify about this one..

Women of the Necropolis Walking Tour


  1. There’s a lot of lovely and interesting districts in Glasgow. Only found out about the Rottenrow gardens (nappy Pin) and the University of Strathclyde campus walk/short cut through to the Provand’s Lordship a few years ago. Always something new to discover or a different building going up or the city.


    • Very true. We launched a sixth women’s history walk last year (Gorbals) and I’m off to lead that this afternoon. Lots of stories but few of the actual buildings left of course.