An autumn walk

View from Doon Hill
Autumn mists

Yesterday was a lovely autumnal day for a walk, with the mist hanging low over the ground so that it was easy to get above it. We drove to Aberfoyle, less than 30 miles from Glasgow, and followed a waymarked trail of about 4½ miles around the village.

Our first stop was the ruined church and graveyard. The minister here between 1685 and 1692 was Reverend Robert Kirk who had a strong interest in local folklore and wrote a famous book telling the secrets of the fairies.

A little further on is the site of their revenge, Doon Hill. Allegedly the fairies were so cross with Kirk’s revelations that they kidnapped him and encased his soul in the pine tree at the top of the hill. Even if you don’t believe it, and plenty seem to given the number of requests left for the fairies, it’s still a haunting place.

After Doon Hill, the path took us through Easter Park, following the River Forth for a while, before returning to Aberfoyle via the old railway line.

As an added bonus, on the drive home the sunset was magnificent with the cloud formations and shades of orange and pink changing at every corner we turned. What a beautiful afternoon.

Autumn sunset
Autumn sunset


6 thoughts on “An autumn walk

  1. bookishgardener November 26, 2014 / 19:00

    I love these Clootie Wells & Clootie trees. The one of the Black Isle is really atmospheric. They don’t seem to pop up as much in England but I might be wrong.


    • Anabel Marsh November 26, 2014 / 20:42

      Thanks for visiting! I haven’t been to the Black Isle but we recently saw a similar clootie tree in Cornwall (though not sure if that’s what they call them there). Just read your York Minster piece – haven’t visited for years; last time was for the Mystery Plays. I do like York though – will return some day!


  2. Donna November 19, 2014 / 03:37

    Such beautiful pictures as always. The autumn mists photo would look wonderful over my couch. I love the Reflections of the trees in the river. Such an interesting place to visit.


    • Anabel Marsh November 19, 2014 / 07:41

      Thanks Donna. It was a very atmospheric day with the mist and the beautiful sunset – the photo of that does very little justice to it, we just had to wait to find a suitable space to pull over and missed the best.


  3. Birgit November 17, 2014 / 23:37

    This looks like such a pretty walk and what neat history to learn and see. I love the Fairy lore and the old graveyard is just something I would love to explore


    • Anabel Marsh November 18, 2014 / 07:36

      I love wandering round old graveyards. Not so many have fairy connections though!


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