Back in the days when this blog was young (2011), and I thought it would be an easy job to write a retrospective travel diary, I started with our trip to Arizona in 2009. I wrote one post! (Memories of Phoenix.) It’s time to fill in the rest.

From Phoenix, we headed north to Sedona – our first taste of the magnificent red rocks with which we would become so familiar. The town itself is nothing special, but the surroundings are spectacular. We hiked the four mile trail around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte and drove up the dirt road at Schnebly Hill for superb views.

The following day, we set off for the Grand Canyon via Oak Creek Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano and Wupatki, ruins of a pueblo built by the Sinagua people around the 12th century. All fascinating – but nothing to what we would see next. I don’t intend to leave it three years before the next instalment!


  1. We went to Phoenix a couple of years ago. I agree that The Desert Botanical Garden mentioned in your previous post is amazing. We went around sunset. Maybe someday I’ll put some pictures up! We didn’t make it up to Sedona. I had a feeling that my in-laws were going to start spending a time each winter in Las Vegas and we would be visiting them. Sedona is a much easier trip from there than the Tucson area. My hunch actually came true since my in-laws are leaving Monday to drive (with the dog) to the huge house they’ve rented for the next couple months and we have our plane tickets for late February!