Electric Gardens

Kibble Palace
Kibble Palace

Take a walk round Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens as you’ve never seen them before. Electric Gardens is the West End Festival’s first winter venture and it’s on till 15th February (follow the link to find out how to get tickets). The walk takes about 45 minutes.

Enter by the gates next to the Kibble Palace (above) then follow the lights round to the hothouses.

Pass eerily lit trees and go through the Rose Garden.

Marvel at the Disco Ball as it changes colour.

Shout into a microphone and see your voice represented – in this picture, it looks to me as if the house behind is screaming. Just round the corner, a spooky row of dresses blows in the breeze.

View the hothouses again from the other side of the gardens.

Before leaving, go inside the Kibble Palace. The statues look quite different, almost scary, with the lights from outside shining through the glass.

When you’ve finished, take a final view from outside the railings then head off for one of Byres Road’s many cafés or restaurants for a warming cup of tea.

I have added this post to Restless Jo’s Monday Walks. It’s a great idea, check it out!


  1. This is so cool. At first I was thinking Christmas but with the eerie lights against the dresses and statutes and the voice recognition it is better for February since that is Mardi Graz, Fasching(Germany) and all the other festivities in February


  2. Fabulous, Anabel! Oh, I wish I could go! 🙂 I spent a day in Glasgow in January last year and of course this event wasn’t running. A day wasn’t enough and I have much more to see, so if it’s on again next year I might just make it. (I did a Clydeside walk and several other posts on the blog) I love Rennie Mackintosh 🙂
    Thanks for joining us!