Gallus Glasgow S: Street art

In some ways, Glasgow is like the geeky kid trying to be cool here. More and more street art is popping up, but much of it is officially sanctioned, some to brighten up the city for last year’s Commonwealth Games. There’s even a City Council trail you can follow to find the major sites. Here are some I found in the City Centre – my favourite is the girl with the magnifying glass. I was so lucky to catch a woman standing underneath in just the right place. I also like the picture of the elephant with its group of living statues sitting below.

Street art is not confined to the centre. Closer to home, there are several murals in the west of the city. This scary squirrel and some transport-related murals are at Kelvinbridge Subway Station.

I suppose not strictly street art, because this time it’s inside, the refurbished Hillhead Subway Station has an Alistair Gray mural. There’s also a mural behind Hillhead Library and the adjacent Hillhead Bookclub (which is actually a bar / restaurant despite the name.)

For the final part of my street art tour, how about these spectacular murals in Maryhill? A friend calls the one on the left “the depressed panther”.

Tomorrow in T we could travel beyond the galaxy. Well, not really, don’t get too excited….


  1. That really was the perfect time to take a picture of that girl with the magnifying glass. Quite striking! I can so see that picture being on the side of a science museum. 🙂