Lake District interiors

Last week, I showed the exteriors of five Lakeland houses and asked who lived there. This week, I’m taking a peek into their interiors. The first two have very fine woodwork, but consequently are dark and not very photogenic so the best is saved to last. (Click on the title links if you want to see the outside.)

Sizergh Castle


Allan Bank

Allan Bank is unrestored and allows all sorts of creative activities (we were particularly taken by the dragon) as well as having a large board for visitors to write their suggestions. I hadn’t visited anywhere quite like it – until we went to Wray Castle a couple of days later.

Wray Castle

Unrestored, like Allan Bank, with opportunities to write on walls! The ship’s wheel remains from the house’s time as a naval college and the Peter Rabbit room for children is a nod towards Beatrix Potter who was once a holiday tenant.


As I said – the best is saved to last. Blackwell is an Arts and Crafts house which reminds me so much of Mackintosh’s work.

Which house would you rather live in?

This week on the Road Trip

I’ve met a few new (to me) bloggers on the A to Z Road Trip this week. So far so good. My featured choice is Eunice at A tent, a caravan, 4 wheels and me. Eunice is from Bolton in Lancashire and solo-camps with her two dogs. Although I’m fairly sure I’ll never go camping again, I enjoy reading about her experiences and the photos of her recent Welsh trips are lovely.


  1. I agree with you about Blackwell. We’re Friends of the Lakeland Arts Trust and so visit regularly to see their exhibitions, but we never tire of the house. And I agree with your comment about the similarity to RM’s work – the White Drawing room especially so


  2. I can see why you were taken by the dragon; he’s adorable! Glad to see the interiors of these lovely homes. If only those bookshelves were real…then my vote would definitely go to Wray Castle. I’ve always wanted my own library!


  3. All fascinating, but I think Blackwell. I love the main hall and what looks like a wonderful window in the white drawing room. Beautiful photos as always.


  4. I loved you journey through all these houses
    but for me personally I need LOTS of light and as few doors as possible. I’d be carted off by the men in white coats if I had to live in any of these houses ( and the wet Lake District wouldn’t help!)
    Just as well we are all different 🙂


    • Wray is definitely spectacular, but I suspect not too comfortable to live in. Blackwell has its grand hall but it still has little nooks and crannies with fireplaces within it that are almost like separate little rooms. And the bedrooms upstairs are quite a manageable size. I think for any of them you’d need that army of servants though, and I’m not sure I’d approve of that!