Benches with a message

Inverewe benchThis month, Jude’s Bench Series is looking for benches with a message, of which we spotted several while on holiday. This one, for example, is at Inverewe, though I defy you to read the inscription from the picture. Even in close up, it’s hard to decipher.Inverewe bench Inverewe bench Inverewe bench Don’t ask me about the Gaelic, but I think the English says “The clear, fresh air in a place so peaceful invites us anew to the shores of Loch Ewe”.

The next one is near Smoo Cave. Much easier to read! Bench near Smoo Cave At Broch of Gurness, on Orkney, we came across this lovely memorial to Dr Olaf Cuthbert: “I leave few footprints on the sand for stormy seas to wash away. I take with me the breadth of sky and seas of unimaginable blue”.

Finally, another memorial, this time to Ronnie Johnson, fisherman of Eshaness in Shetland.

I have one more bench from Shetland, but I’ll keep that for next time.


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