Bench series: Alex Harvey

Alex Harvey bench, Winter Gardens, People's Palace, Glasgow
Alex Harvey bench, Winter Gardens, People’s Palace, Glasgow

I had neither camera nor my photography expert with me when I went to see the Sensational Alex Harvey‘s bench in the Winter Gardens at Glasgow’s People’s Palace, so please forgive the iPad pictures. This is for Jude’s Bench Series – her November theme is benches with messages.

Alex gets two messages. First, the inscription on the back:

The last of the teenage idols
The last of the teenage idols
Let me put my hands on you
Let me put my hands on you

There’s also a plaque with his dates of birth and death, and a bust in the garden behind the bench.

Finally, before leaving the Gardens, I spotted this from George and Irene. Have a nice day!


  1. Great man. Great Band. Today is SAHBROCK and I have flown to Glasgow from Brighton on the South Coast for it. I’m looking forward to sitting on Alex’s bench. Thanks for the photos


  2. Alex Harvey. The Scottish anarchist singer. Remember seeing him live a long time ago. My favourite song of his is “the Faith Healer” which I still lay sometimes (That’s where “let me put my hands on you” comes from). Good to see there’s a memorial to him.


  3. I don’t know him…at least I don’t think I do. I am terrible with musicians and linking them with their songs unless it is really famous like the Beatles. I do like the bench and the other one saying have a nice day


      • No! I discovered SAHB in Texas in 1972 and brought him and his music to my friends in Burbank, CA. We saw SAHB live at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles! Great band! Someday I want to sit on this bench and also see that gigantic apartment tower from “Still Game”…


        • Fabulous! I’m amazed that Still Game has made it across the pond and is relatable. The high rise where Isa lives is a stone’s throw from us. I’m not sure where the Alex Harvey bench is now though. The Winter Gardens have been closed for some years because the Victorian glasswork is falling in and there is no money to replace it. Sad!


          • Not only is “Still Game” relatable here in the States, but it’s hilarious! My wife and I have been binge-watching it for the past month. (We have to have the subtitles on, however.) Also good, the Irish production “Derry Girls.” Someday I want to see that Alex Harley bench and bust, and, yes, I want a photo of me in front of Jack, Victor and Isa’s high-rise building.

            p.s. My nickname when I was in the U.S. Marine Corps 1974-1978 was “Vambo.” I used to spray-paint “Vambo Rool OK” her eand there at Camp Pendleton (California). Ha!


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