The Glasgow Gallivanter

gallivant: to go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.

I think that might be a good description of what I do, no? When I started Anabel’s Travel Blog I had good reasons for choosing such a prosaic title which are no longer relevant. At first, it did what it said on the tin, but lately I’ve been writing a lot more about Glasgow and its surroundings. I’ve also found the title a bit restricting: I might want to write about something else occasionally and, indeed, I do on Adventures of a Retired Librarian which I now intend to – well, retire! Hence the change to The Glasgow Gallivanter.

So new year, new title – but before plunging into 2016, a quick look back at 2015. My page-views more than doubled, though I admit to suspicion about WordPress’s stats. I’ve had a few of those “Your stats are spiking” messages where investigation showed one post, or even one image, was getting multiple hits in a very short space of time. As an example, my top-read post in 2015 was apparently A visit to Cambridge. Huh? Written in July 2012, it has no likes and no comments – I hadn’t learned how to make friends yet – so how did that get there? Spam bots? I don’t know – but I’m happy to accept the upward trajectory even if I don’t believe the actual figures. I’ve posted more frequently and made more connections with all you lovely people reading this right now.

Thank you for your companionship in 2015. I look forward gallivanting with you in 2016.



  1. Great name Anabel – love it! I’m none too sure about all the stats either – I also get strange spikes every so often, which I suspect are some spam bot but it’s still nice to get a stats boost!! All the very best for your blog in 2016 and I shall enjoy reading your posts and updates 🙂


  2. I know what you mean about stats. My blog isn’t on WordPress, but I get truly odd numbers, too. Like 20 a day from Russia, four days running, having had none from there before. And, as for your A Visit to Cambridge, you now have one like and it’s legitimate. It is mine. Like your new title, too.