Cashel Forest

Loch Lomond from Cashel
Loch Lomond from Cashel
After what seemed like decades of rain (slight exaggeration, but not much) the sun came out a couple of Sundays ago and we headed for Loch Lomond and a walk in Cashel Forest. Now, I know Jude’s Bench Challenge is over but we just can’t help ourselves finding and photographing benches, so you will see plenty here. If anyone else is having withdrawal symptoms, I recommend the blog In memory of… (see also the associated Twitter account @MemorialBench, to which I’ve submitted quite a few benches).

We found our first bench as we left the carpark.

Then we headed up High Road, the longest (and highest – the clue’s in the name) of the three trails through the forest. It wasn’t long before we found another bench – with a great view.

Soon we hit the snowline. As well as the Loch, we could now see over to Conic Hill which we last climbed a year ago (read about it here).

At the highest point on our walk, there was another bench, this time dedicated to John and Rene.

As we descended, we detoured to the view point on the middle walk. The standing stone sculpture here is inscribed “And tomorrow the sun will shine again”.

Our final bench exhorted us to “take a pew, enjoy the view” – well, we did the latter but not the former as the seat was covered in snow.

From here it was an easy descent to loch-level where we found an area of trees used as memorials and an insect hotel, which I didn’t like to examine too closely, before arriving back at the car.

I never seem to write about a walk without mentioning lunch – usually before we start. This time we were out early (well, earlyish – not like us, I know) so had a late, and delicious, lunch in Drymen at the Clachan Inn. Since then, the weather has gone back to its miserable norm, so we were glad of this bright day to blow the cobwebs away.

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  1. What a great area for a walk, Anabel! You make me want to drop everything and get to Scotland ASAP. But, maybe I should wait until there are more consistently sunny days in the forecast? Or would that be wishful thinking? 🙂 Living in a moderate climate again myself now (instead of the tropics), I do understand the importance of waiting for a nice day and then drop everything to go out and enjoy it!