Skye the Puffling and other stories

Picture Kelpies Book Launch
Picture Kelpies Book Launch

I was invited to a book launch last week by my friend Lynne Rickards. She’s a picture book author and her publisher, Floris, was holding an event at the Lauriston Hall in Edinburgh for four of its Picture Kelpies authors. That’s Lynne in the turquoise scarf above, being introduced with the other authors who flank Chair Lindsey Fraser in the centre.

I can’t remember if I met Lynne on Twitter and then bought her books for the library I worked in, or if it was the other way round. Whatever, we soon discovered that we lived quite close to each other and have met several times since. Her current book is Skye the Puffling, and she had brought Skye along with two other characters, puffins Lewis and Harris, who featured in earlier stories. If you know anything about Scottish geography, you will be spotting a trend in the names there.

Lynne and the other authors answered questions from Lindsey, and all the books look lovely. They are: My first Scottish animals and My first Scottish numbers by Kate McLelland (dark hair), The secret of the kelpie by Lari Don (fair hair), and Thistle games by Mike Nicholson (needs no explanation). If you want some Scottish-themed books for children I suggest you check the Kelpies site as well as Lynne’s website and blog.

My photographer, aka husband, and I also enjoyed wine and nibbles in the splendid surroundings of Lauriston Hall, then rounded off the evening with beer and pizza in the excellent Made in Italy in the Grassmarket before heading for the train back to Glasgow. Thanks for the invitation, Lynne! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


  1. A book presentation. I always think those are exciting. YOuc an meet so many intersting people and learn of many books you didn’t knew you wanted to buy.
    I love book presentation 🙂


  2. Very glad to have found your blog via the Cynical Sailor blog. My daughter is currently in Scotland and is engaged to a Scottish lad so will eventually be making Scotland her second home. I’ve traveled there twice to be with her and love the beauty, the people, and the history of the country. Next time we visit, I’ll be bringing up your blog to point us to some away-from-tourists walks and things to see. Melissa from


  3. Great pictures by the hubby. Thanks for introducing me to Lynne’s work. I have two godchildren who I think would just adore her work and I am past due for a gift for them. The purchase may happen after I lift anchor in Sydney, but it is on my to do list.


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