Glasgow Gallivanting: May 17

Arran Ferry from Brodick Castle Gardens
In the UK, May is bookended by Bank Holiday Weekends and we took full advantage of both. May 1st saw us on a ferry returning from Arran after spending time there with friends, and at the end of the month we had a couple of nights in Oban.

Oban at dusk: view from our room
Full posts to follow! So what else has been happening?


My cousin Tracy and her husband have just bought a new boat. We were able to inspect it before a family lunch at Kip Marina. Doesn’t she look delighted?

We also had dinner with another of my cousins, Ian, and his wife Lynn. No photos were taken at that event, but here we are as kids on the back green of our grandparents’ tenement flat. That’s their kitchen window behind us. I think this is 1971, so I would be 14 and Ian 4. His wee brother and my younger sister are also there, and a small girl at the end who, I think, must have lived in the same building. I have no recollection of her at all.


Voice from the past

Redby Infant School, Sunderland, 1963
While I’m on a nostalgia theme, how about this? As some of you know, I administer a blog, It was always sunny, for my Mum who is writing the story of her life. When she came to the section about me starting school I included the picture above and was surprised recently to receive a comment from one of the other children, the boy fourth from the left in the front row. He’d Googled the name of the school and up this popped! We’ve been exchanging memories and trying to complete a list of all the names. Can’t find me? I’m fourth from the right in the back row.

Talking of things popping up, and in the blowing-my-own-trumpet department, I was touched and delighted to find my name in Update, the professional journal for librarians in the UK (third paragraph). One of the most satisfying aspects of my career was mentoring and encouraging younger librarians so it’s great to know it was appreciated. Thank you so much to Jennifer for mentioning me.

The Elephant Park

Glasgow has many fine parks, and I’ve written about the major ones, such as the Botanic Gardens, many times. All over the city, however, you can find pocket-sized parks amidst the urban sprawl. Last year, these two concrete elephants near my home were sending out an SOS signal because redevelopment of an adjacent building put them under threat. When I passed by the other day they had obviously just been made-over (one still has its Wet Paint sign) so I’m hoping this means they have been reprieved.

The last bit

Four theatre / concert hall visits, three guided walks, a visit from my sister – I’m running out of time to write about everything this month, so I’ll quickly finish by returning to my programme of expanding your vocabulary with Scottish words! The Women’s Library guided walks that I’ve co-led have not been blessed with good weather – an understatement to say the least. Both guides and partcipants were drookit. If you can’t guess what that means from the pictures, click on the link! I have more walks coming up in June, so I’m hoping for better luck.

So that was my May – how was yours?


  1. It must have been so nice to know you were an inspiration for a young librarian. What more can you ask out of life? It’s fun to take trips down memory lane, isn’t it? I love the new Scottish word (for me), drookit. That’s how I felt on my trip to Nikko in Japan! 🙂


  2. Drookit – what a great word. I love being reminded of words I used to use regularly but since living in England don’t seem to use so much. I am making a conscious effort to try to remember to bring them into my vocabulary when I can now. Arran – it’s years since I went there. I think I was only there once, one September weekend, with a group of friends an we did a pony trek along a beach which was lovely, but not being a lover of horses and ponies, I was a little apprehensive the whole time. I love seeing these old photos – they bring back great memories.


  3. You packed a lot in one month again, Anabel. So nice to get recognition and credit, especially in public! And what a treat to have those photos and the ability to find some of the old students back. My guess is that “drookit” means drenched, but I might be wrong. Both words start with the same letter anyway. 🙂


  4. oh what a fabulous month you have had, so blessed 🙂
    Every time I read your monthly roundups I think I must do that next month, and then low and behold I find it is the 3rd of the new month!