January Light: light canopy

Lots of different kinds of light here in Royal Exchange Square. On the left is the back of the Gallery of Modern Art, the cupola of which I showed you yesterday, and on the right is an Italian restaurant. Both buildings have floodlight. There are Christmas-lights in the buildings facing us, reflected-light on the rainy pavements (this is Glasgow, after all) and fairy-lights in the light canopy above. The canopy is there all year round, it’s not just for Christmas. Ashton Lane near my home also has one, and here you can see what it looks like in daylight.

Linked to Becky’s January Squares Challenge – words ending in light.


  1. Royal Exchange Square doesn’t seem to have changed much, other than the lights, of course and I have heard a lot about Ashton Lane – changed days indeed. And for my own information, I see that “The Buttery” is still going strong.