April Squares: Wideford Hill

Ascending to the top of Wideford Hill was part of a wonderful holiday in Orkney in 2015. Both it and the nearby Cuween Hill have chambered tombs that you can clamber into. One of us did, one of us didn’t! Probably easy to guess, but the answer is here should you wish to know for sure: Wideford and Cuween Hills.

Linked to Becky’s #SquareTops challenge. Just two more days to go!


  1. Great photograph. Looks like a nice day.Are these books still available? Goodness, almost the end of April. May is round the corner – wonder what surprises that will bring. Still, look on the bright side, this can’t last forever ——–can it??


    • Yes, you can still buy Mary Welsh’s books. She covered most of Scotland and the Lake District. We really like them. Just two days till May – I’m amazed that time is still passing quite quickly, but am still looking forward to some sort of normal life resuming.


  2. Wow, that’s beautiful.

    After overwhelming 230000 views of my last article. Presenting part 2 of the same article.

Warm regards.


  3. You’re looking much happier on this hill than you were a few days ago – clearly no rain and the winds are pleasant. The picture on the book looks very similar to the glorious scene behind you

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