Newton Stewart

Creebridge House Hotel

Between Christmas and New Year 2019 we spent three nights in the Creebridge House Hotel in Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway. Apart from this one photograph of the hotel (which was excellent, by the way) we don’t seem to have taken any pictures of Newton Stewart during the day, but the it looked very pretty by night as you can see below.

On the way there and back we stopped both times for lunch in the excellent Balkenna Tearoom just outside Girvan on the Ayrshire coast. I loved their quirky collection of teapots, of which this is a small selection.

On the way home we also stopped in Girvan because the views over to Ailsa Craig and Arran were just stunning.

In the next couple of posts, I’ll tell you what we got up to during our short stay.


  1. Great teapots! I really like the elephant one, especially because it seems to just show elephants being elephants. It can be challenging to find elephant themed stuff that doesn’t encourage their exploitation! I’ve seen a lot of otherwise cute circus print dresses and things over the years, but I refuse to buy anything that shows elephants doing circus tricks etc, because I find it depressing and don’t want to be promoting that kind of animal abuse, even in a fabric!