A Glasgow perspective: the first time ever I saw your face

It began here in March. A short terrace just off Great Western Road, each door flanked on either side by one of these Egyptian-style faces. Surely we must have noticed them before? If we had, we’d forgotten.

After that, we saw faces everywhere. These two beauties (one a bit grumpy looking) are on the side of a large villa about 10 minutes walk from home.

These are on an old church, now Webster’s Theatre.

These are from Maryhill Halls, Glasgow Academy, and North Park House.

And finally, more private houses – some whose locations I can no longer remember.

I’m linking to Becky’s SquarePerspectives challenge with occasional posts on the new perspectives on Glasgow that our lockdown walks have given us. I know a few non-squares have sneaked in here – square doesn’t always work, but I’m sure Becky will forgive me!

Once again, my title is taken from a piece of music, this time from the inimitable Roberta Flack. What a voice!


  1. I have never been to Glasgow, but having those faces everywhere would add a new dimension for walking around and visiting there. Thank you for this wonderful post.


  2. Hi Anabel – Roberta’s voice is brilliantly paired with your faces … amazing selection – loved them … take care – Hilary


  3. The first face reminds me of the Succession movement…probably spelling that wrong but it took place a bit before and during the 20s when King Tut was found. Yeah, that one gal looks like she needs a coffee. There are often all these little bits of gold right near us that we don’t realize are there.


    • That’s interesting! I had to look it up, it’s the Secession Movement and it started around 1897. No-one seems to know who designed these houses, but they date from about 20 years before that. Before their time?! I find it odd that there is no record of the architect, especially given this unusual features, but all the other Victorian terraces nearby are well documented.


  4. The Egyptian style face at the start of your post reminds me very much of the Guardians on the Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland. I know exactly what you mean about noticing faces everywhere once you start to pay attention to them – Marcus and I have a similar thing with lions on buildings and statues. They’re everywhere!