Advent Day 15: Projection

On Christmas Eve 2019 we took a stroll to the nearby area of Scotstoun to view its Living Advent Calendar. Each evening in December, one more window had been illuminated. On the 24th, we got to see them all.

Number 15 was unusual in that, rather than a static display, it was a computer generated projection. We waited for some time to see if it was a loop, but it never repeated itself.


  1. Unusual. What they can do with computer generated graphics now is amazing. So close to replicating every aspect of faces, plants, trees, rivers, streams in hyper real clarity that its very hard to tell if they are real or not. It’s moved a long way from Steamboat Willie and early Disney cartoons. A few years more and you will not be able to tell real actors from computer generated ones in a film. Scary!

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  2. This is different and I like it . The 3 you show here looks magical. I bet it was a huge loop and one would have to wait a very long time before it came back to the beginning.


  3. Hi Anabel – I rather like the 15 … but so interesting to know there was a never ending window light – you could have spent all night there! These are fun to see … all the best – Hilary


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