Glasgow Gallivanting: June 2021

So the big news in the Glasgow Gallivanting world is that we left Glasgow for a week! Our “Christmas” holiday finally happened in the middle of June after three postponements because of Covid travel restrictions. John, Mum and I stayed in a lovely cottage near St Boswells in the Scottish Borders, and the view above was what greeted us each morning. More to follow when I get time to write it up …

Other than that, the month has been quite uneventful. We continue to look out for interesting street art on our urban walks, and to swan watch when on the canal towpath. For example, we discovered two new (to us) pieces of graffiti ceramic by Louise McVey.

On our swan watches we noted that no nest now has more than two cygnets remaining, and that they have grown considerably over the month, from little balls of fluff to creatures that might fit The Ugly Duckling description of “feathers all stubby and brown”.

We also spotted this bear on the canal – he’s larger than he looks in the photograph, think small-child-sized. There must be a story, but I don’t know it: he’s been seen on social media in various places, so someone has been having fun moving him around.

And that’s about it – a nice, short post this month, but lots more to come about the Borders later. Happy July!


  1. Hi Anabel – so pleased the ‘Christmas holiday’ came to pass – what an amazing view. Also the ceramic wall art is fascinating … looking forward to more info on St Boswells anon … cheers Hilary


  2. “Swan watch when on the canal towpath” isn’t a phrase just anyone can throw around… I’m sure I’ve only had a time or two in my life when on a canal towpath, or in the presence of swans. Happy out-of-towning, and I look forward to more from your gallivants.