TreeSquare: Scottish Borders

Sunny pathway

As we have recently returned from a week in the Scottish Borders, I thought I would include some of the trees we saw on our walks in Becky’s latest square challenge, TreeSquareAs you can see, we had beautiful weather apart from one afternoon when we got drenched. You can probably guess which picture was taken then!


  1. Yeah, at home in the Czech Republic, we have loads of trees: birch trees, horse chestnut trees, rose bushes, walnut trees, apple trees, pear trees, plum trees, cherry trees, peach trees, hazel bushes, pine trees, … …


  2. Like the one growing over the road. Country paths are at their best right now. Vegetation at its tallest and most exuberant. A head high green jungle.


  3. I like the sunny pathway, it pulls you forward. Love the archway! There’s a tree I’ve seen in a Sydney suburb that actually seems to have a huge hole through the branches, where the tree has been trimmed for electricity wires and has grown up and around them. I’d love to get a shot for Becky’s challenge, but it’s quite a ways from me — and we’re in lockdown, so I couldn’t go even if I wanted to make the trek. Too bad.


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