WalkingSquares: night walk

Street sculpture on Woburn Place

Still milking our London trip for WalkingSquares! This time it’s a couple of images taken as we went out to dinner one evening. We strolled past the happy diner above in Woburn Place but didn’t stop because we were on our way to meet a friend who works for University College London (UCL) which looks absolutely lovely lit up at night.

UCL at night

Not a square, but I can’t resist adding this picture of Jeremy Bentham’s cabinet which stands in the building above. It once held his preserved remains, but no longer – if you really want to know the story you can follow the link!

Jeremy Bentham’s cabinet


  1. It’s a long time since I’ve walked around London at night – and then it would mostly be from certain theatres to certain stations – although I knew most of the back routes!
    Apart from the shopping areas, I love London!


  2. I love the night shot of the UCL – does it change colour? The story of Jeremy Bentham (I’d never heard of him before) is interesting, unusual, and dare I say it, rather amusing, though I wouldn’t like to see the state of his actual head after all that messing about with it 🙂 🙂


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