WalkingSquares: Possil Loch (again)

Possil Loch from Lambhill Stables Garden

Earlier in WalkingSquares I posted another version of this view of Possil Loch and said:

Who would guess that Glasgow life was teeming behind me, including traffic whizzing along the busy Balmore Road? You can walk all the way round Possil Loch, but you never see it because of all the reeds. Here, behind Lambhill Stables, is the best viewpoint – you can just about pick it out. We often walk out via the canal, and if the café at the Stables is open it makes a nice break before turning for home.

A few people wondered what was behind me, so yesterday we did the same walk described above and I took a couple of snaps of the road running alongside Possil Marsh. The first is looking out of the Stables gate; the second shows the traffic lights beyond. So not quite the rural scene it first appears – though this is why I love living where I do. I can comfortably walk into the city’s centre and, in the other direction, to its very edge.

We walked back through the Western Necropolis, accompanied by a beautiful rainbow, and both routes, out and back, took us over the Stockingfield Bridge which I just can’t seem to stop photographing. (I know none of these are squared, they didn’t quite work that way, and Becky is most indulgent). Next week is the official opening and it’s going to be all lit up – I can’t wait!


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