Summer 2022: Carnish

Carnish Byre, Uig, Lewis

Uig is a beautifully scenic area on the south-west coast of Lewis. Our accommodation, shown above, was a converted byre in Carnish (Carnais), a small settlement at the end of a tiny single-track road. Having looked at Google Street View before departing, we can be forgiven for not recognising it. The Google car had not passed that way for 13 years, as the screenshot below shows!

Screenshot from Google Street View

Inside, the place was beautifully constructed, the best bit being the glass extension at the front which was our dining area. This was our view every time we ate. How fabulous was that?

Dining at Carnish Byre

The locals were very helpful, keeping the lawn nicely mowed, though they did get rather too bold in the end, coming right up to the front door and knocking! Perhaps they wanted a tip after their hard work? We didn’t open the door to find out (all photos taken through glass).

There was beautiful coastal walking straight from the door. Even on the brightest days it was not warm, but can you spot the intrepid swimmer? I was not so daft!

We were also lucky to have within walking distance the Abhainn Dearg (Red River) Distillery, a tiny farmyard operation founded in 2008 and producing around 10,000 bottles a year. Our helpful guide, Laura, explained that everything was local except the yeast and was kept as traditional as possible, e.g. cylindrical stills rather than pot stills, because they are the same shape as old illegal stills. There is no wastage – everything is recycled, with the malt and left over liquid being used for cattle feed. After an informative tour we got down to the main business – a tasting! There might have been a bottle came home with us.

So much for our local area – more about what we did elsewhere on the island coming soon.


  1. What cute and kindly neighbors you had. I wonder what would have happened had you opened the door and invited them in. After all, they did keep your lawn nicely mowed.

    What an idyllic place to stay and I’m sure the tasting induced some tipsiness. 🙂

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