One Word Sunday: Red

Welcome to Ullapool

Debbie’s One Word Sunday theme this week is Red. For various reasons, most recently the hashtag #PostboxSaturday on Twitter, I’ve collected a lot of pictures of post boxes over the last few years. Here’s a selection of wall boxes, firstly three Victorian ones from Dunkeld, Balmore and Kilmacolm.

Secondly, two GR wall boxes in differing states of repair. The one set into the beautifully decorated wall is in Galashiels. The date is shown as 1910, the year George V acceded to the throne. The dilapidated one is on an old bridge at Leaderfoot in the Scottish Borders and is no longer in use.

An inheritance from lockdown is a large collection of door photos, so this is a good chance to feature some red ones. This lovely symmetrical row of cottages is in Ruchill. In the centre is a fine example of Glasgow’s Coat of Arms and the date 1893.

Here’s the Victoria pub on Dumbarton Road. I love the hand holding out the lamp.

Finally, a random selection of red doors around Glasgow’s West End. I particularly like the house named Wit’s End and the juxtaposition of the red storm doors and the red rose. Despite the Hebrew writing above the door suggesting (to me) it was a synagogue, the one with pillars is an old church, now housing.

What’s your favourite? Happy Sunday!


  1. Lots of red post boxes there! In Ireland, after independence they kept the British post boxes and painted them green. Always strange to see the VR and GR initials that are still there.
    What colour will you paint the post boxes once you get your independence ? Tartan, perhaps? 😉


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