Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat
Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat gets its name from the weird rock formation on its outskirts. It’s a tiny place on the San Juan River where we’d stopped for coffee the year before after visiting Monument Valley (see U is for Utah). It’s probably not on everyone’s Utah itinerary, but we liked it so returned to stay for a couple of days. There’s plenty to see. For example, the San Juan gorge is pretty spectacular at Goosenecks State Park.

Goosenecks State Park
Goosenecks State Park

We didn’t actually visit Monument Valley this time since we’d already been – though it felt pretty crass driving straight past – but the Valley of the Gods, a sort of mini-version just north of Mexican Hat, was a good substitute.

The arches in the gallery below are part of Natural Bridges National Monument. According to my diary, we drove there via a road called Moki Dugway and stopped at Muley Point so I’m guessing that’s where the other three photos are. I look slightly nervous…..

As always, it’s good to finish the day with a beer. We liked the sense of humour used to name this one! Polygamy Porter: Why have just one? (We didn’t).

After Mexican Hat, we drove north to Moab.


  1. OK scaring me again-you are close to the edge! To me….toooooooooooooo close:) Hahahaaaa I gues that is my freakiness coming out. The pictures are great and they have been in Westerns too, I am certain. Love the name of that beer and the label-very funny. My brother loves tasting beers…do you remember how it was?


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