Valley of Fire to Vegas

Fire Canyon
Fire Canyon

For our Utah trip, we flew in and out of Las Vegas where we stayed two nights on the way in and one on the way out. On the drive back, we stopped off at Nevada State Park, the Valley of Fire.

Then it was back to Las Vegas – not a place I had any great ambition to visit, but worth seeing as we were there. It was just as crazy as I expected!

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  1. My husband loves Vegas and that’s where his parents decided to spend the coldest months of the year. We went up to Zion when we visited them this year. Since they put us up free and gave us plane tickets for Christmas I had to go even though I went with Jimmy last spring… I’ve been to Vegas far too many times and will probably be going there again next winter. There’s always the chance that the place the in-laws get next winter will be too small to have us stay with them.


  2. Neat! My parents just saw the Valley of Fire when they were in Vegas for my dad’s 60th, but I’ve never been there myself. I have been to Vegas though, twice (since my parents love it), and I am also not a fan!


  3. The beehive rocks are neat. Amazing what wind and water can do (water from way, way back). I have no true desire to see Vegas either but I hear from others that one should see it once. I am not into all that mania


    • We only went because it was the most convenient airport for what we wanted to do, and it seemed daft not to see it while we were there. On the way in we had a full day so walked up one side of the strip and down the other which gave us a good flavour. On the way back, it was just an overnighter so we didn’t do any more exploring but saw a Cirque du Soleil performance. So I enjoyed all that but don’t feel the need to go back for longer. As an add-on to something else, it’s fine – go to South Utah is my advice!

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