Gallus Glasgow I: Ibrox

Ibrox Stadium

Ibrox is the obvious “I” for Glasgow, but I confess I have never been there – well, I’ve been to the area but not inside the stadium. My interest in football (soccer) is less than zero, and this is the home of Rangers, one of Glasgow’s three professional clubs. Together with Celtic, it makes up the Old Firm and the rivalry between them is deep. It’s not just sport – it spills over with a minority of fans into sectarianism: originally, Rangers (founded 1872) attracted Protestant Scots while Celtic (1887) represented Catholic Irish immigrants. For some, this division is still important and has been known to result in violence at Old Firm matches – which don’t happen very often these days because the teams are in different leagues (a long story which I don’t pretend to understand). There’s nothing gallus about violence.

If someone asks you which Glasgow football team you support, the wisest answer is probably Partick Thistle.

J tomorrow, and I’ll take you to my old workplace.


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