Gallus Glasgow J: Jordanhill

David Stow Building, Jordanhill
David Stow Building, Jordanhill

Jordanhill – what can I say? I arrived there in 1990 to work in Jordanhill College Library (later part of Strathclyde University), a job which I thought I might do for two years or so. Twenty two years later, I had the sad job of closing the library down when the University decided to centralise on one campus. Ah well, life goes on and I look back with happy memories (helped by the fact that I documented the closure pretty thoroughly on social media) but no regrets.

Those memories came in handy last year. There aren’t many “J”s to choose from in Glasgow, and Rosemary Cunningham has also used Jordanhill for her (extremely gallusGlasgow Alphabet. When she was creating the map to go with it, she wanted to talk to one person from each place – and there I am, quoted on the back of it. Fame!

Glasgow Alphabet map
Glasgow Alphabet map

Part of the campus had been sold off for housing some years before closure and now the rest of it is up for sale. The three original buildings, including the David Stow above, will be converted into apartments and the rest will be flattened for new build. I recently took a nostalgic walk to the old place to see it again before it becomes unrecognisable, and will blog about that after the challenge.

The next A to Z post, K, is on Monday when I’ll take you to the river.


  1. Managed to avoid attending more than 2 days a week by enlisting for the post-grad Dip. Ed up at the Uny. Was the only one who attended the RE lecture at Jordanhill. Maybe it was because I elected to term myself a ‘Wee Free’ just to see what they would say!
    I was treated to a lecture all to myself!


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