Bermuda: Coco Reef

Coco Reef, Bermuda
Coco Reef, Bermuda

At the beginning of November we escaped the dreich Glasgow weather for a week in Bermuda. Those who knew of my antipathy to beach holidays were bemused, even more so when I said “No, it’s going to be a walking holiday!” For only 17 years (1931-1948) Bermuda had a 22-mile railway which is now (largely) available as a trail for walkers and cyclists (see the Bermuda Railway Pages for more information about both). Over 7 days, we managed to walk most of it.

In any case, the weather, although warm, was a bit too stormy for beach activities. Hurricane Kate passed nearby while we were there, bringing rain and quite a lot of wind on some days, as seen below.

Our base, the Coco Reef Hotel, was in a lovely setting.

The room was comfortable, although I found being watched by the lady in the picture a bit scary. But who could quibble with a balcony with a sea view?

The holiday was arranged by Headwater – we’ve travelled with them in the past, but mainly in Europe, walking from hotel to hotel while the local rep moves your baggage. We haven’t used a travel company for some years, but I picked up their brochure when looking for ideas and this jumped out. I’m glad it did!

More on the walks we did to follow.


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