Bermuda: City of Hamilton

Front Street, City of Hamilton
Front Street, City of Hamilton

On our last day, we didn’t need to leave for the airport till 6pm, so decided to visit Bermuda’s (tiny) capital, the City of Hamilton (always referred to as such to avoid confusion with Hamilton Parish which, strangely, it’s not in). We’d changed buses here several times during the week, but never had time to explore. As it was Sunday, most things were closed but it was a lovely day and we were happy to wander.

Right next to the bus station is the City Hall and Arts Centre.

From there, we strolled along the waterfront. The statue is We arrive by Chesley Trott which commemorates the 1835 landing site of the American slave ship Enterprise.

Lots more statues in the nearby Queen Elizabeth Park, and a beautiful bandstand in Victoria Park:

Next, we walked three blocks to Fort Hamilton which technically took us outside the city limits – it’s that small! Although it still has the odd cannon lying around, it’s laid out as a garden. It also has great views over the city and shoreline.

From there, we worked our way back into town past the Sessions House which has the Supreme Court on the ground floor and the House of Assembly – one of the oldest parliaments in the world – upstairs. Nearby is the Cabinet Building and the statue of Sally Bassett, a legendary heroine of Bermuda’s slavery days.

Finally, we popped into the Anglican Cathedral, Holy Trinity, before making our way back to the bus.

The next day we were home to a rainy November, but our break in the sun had done us good.


  1. This is such a beautiful, if not quiet, town. What a beautiful trip you had and so nice and bright-I love the cleanliness of the place and the colours


  2. Have enjoyed following your Bermudan adventures, and glad that the sun and warmth did you good. It’s the best time of the year to leave Europe for a while!