Bermuda: coasts and caves

Bermuda: Coasts and Caves

On days 4-6 of our Bermuda break, we continued to tramp the Railway Trail up and down the islands. As one lovely bay looks very like another, I’ll restrict myself to highlights.

Day 4

Bailey's Bay, Bermuda
Bailey’s Bay, Bermuda

On Day 4, we walked the North Shore through Bailey’s Bay (above) and on to Coney Island. From here, we could see the Martello Tower at Ferry Point which we’d approached from the other side a few days before. We visited two caves, one at Blue Hole Park that you just climbed up and walked into, and the more complex Crystal Cave which you paid to enter. The day finished at the Swizzle Inn where we tried one of the local tipples – rum swizzle (too sweet!)

Day 5

On Day 5 we returned to Somerset Bridge where we started our very first walk, but this time we turned east instead of west. Highlights included Whale Bay and the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

John had the energy to climb the lighthouse tower for the view. I relaxed on a bench with a cold drink!

View from the lighthouse
View from the lighthouse

Day 7

Our final walk took us along the South Shore from Horseshoe Bay – the prettiest part of the coast we had seen all week, and there was some competition!

Flora and fauna

The Railway Trail

Although we had almost a full day in Bermuda before our flight the next evening, this was our last excursion along the Railway Trail. I confess my expectations were rather more sophisticated than the trail turned out to be. At its best, it looked like this:

However, a lot of the time it ran parallel to a road, or even became the road, so I don’t think I’d want to follow it again. That’s not to say I wouldn’t go back to Bermuda – I would, but I’d spend more time exploring the towns and some of the lovely little museums which we missed because we were so busy walking.

One more post to go – on Bermuda’s capital, the City of Hamilton.