Galapagos: Tower Island

Tower Island had a wealth of wildlife. We saw two different varieties of booby – the gallery below shows masked boobies nesting. You could get amazingly close, as you can see. One has both an egg and a chick, another has a broken egg and a dead chick.

These are the red-footed boobies – cute, but my favourites are still the blue-footed boobies in the previous post.

Swallow-tailed gulls also had chicks –

– as did the frigatebirds. The black bird here is a deflated male – see the previous post for shots of that magnificent red pouch inflated.

This is a lava heron and a yellow-crowned night heron:

Marine iguanas were everywhere!

And there were people, of course there were people, but not too many. The young lady with the cap is our guide, Cathy. Tourism to Galapagos is strictly controlled and you can’t land on any of the islands without a guide. As for that T-shirt – I still have it, but it’s never seen outside the house.

Final Galapagos post next Thursday!


  1. Fantastic photos. I visited the Galapagos a couple of years ago and it is interesting to see your posts from an earlier time. Sadly a lot of development has happened since you were there though.