Rock Springs to Jackson

Wind River Range
Wind River Range

The journey from Rock Springs to Jackson fell into two distinct parts. To begin with we crossed flat plains, before reaching more mountainous areas in the late morning. We stopped in the pretty little town of Pinedale where we enquired about local hikes from the very helpful gentleman in the visitor centre. After a wander up and down the main street, and an early lunch in the Heart and Soul Café, we followed his advice.

We headed up Fremont Lake Road to the top and then took what I think was Pole Creek Trail. It wasn’t that interesting a walk to be honest – gently uphill through forest with no views, or at least none in the time we could afford to spend, so we walked about an hour in one direction, then turned round and came back. However, it broke a long car journey and stretched our legs, and there were lovely views of Fremont Lake and the mountains from the road.

From Pinedale, we headed straight on to Jackson, just outside Grand Teton National Park and our base for the next three nights. We were back to staying in a small inn this time – the comfortable and attractive Alpine House.

Other than that, we didn’t engage much with Jackson which was definitely tourist central. We went out for dinner at night and that was about it – though I really have to mention Pizzeria Caldera where we had the best pizza that either of us could remember eating for a long, long time. Jackson was just a dormitory for exploring the park. More on that next time!


  1. Can’t beat a good pizza when you are hungry abroad. I used to always order it in Italy and my Italian friend would just shake his head but at least I knew I was going to enjoy my meal unlike some of the weird and wonderful regional dishes he recommended I try.