Maryhill Video

I’m taking a short break from blogging about our Wyoming road trip to tell you about the Scottish Heritage Angel Awards which recognise the work of voluntary groups and individuals in protecting and celebrating Scotland’s built heritage. One of the organisations I volunteer for, Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust, was up for an award and four of us attended the ceremony last night. We didn’t win our category (though got a certificate of commendation) but we saw ourselves on a great big screen and the Trust gets to use the short promotional film that was made. I don’t have a speaking part, but I’m there in full tour-guide mode and you can see I’m very good at pointing….


      • It is. And good to see it too.
        I did a bit of googling and found some detailed information on the original stained glass.

        “The stained glass was removed from the building in 1963, and has been in the care of Glasgow Museums ever since. The refurbishment and re-opening of the building in 2012 has allowed 11 of the original panels to be returned to their original location in the Main Hall”

        Would be good if it was all returned to its rightful place I guess


        • Well, it’s actually deliberate. The Halls don’t have museum conditions so the idea is they will be swapped over every few years. This protects them to some degree and also means that if one building were to go on fire or something there would still be some of them left. We have a set of miniatures which shows them altogether and 10 modern panels which were commissioned for the reopening and fill the space. It’s a very fine building!

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  1. Congratulations . . . . . clearly I am going to need quite a few days in Glasgow when I finally visit 🙂
    PS You are clearly a fabulous docent as spotted you doing lots more than point!