January Light: Nick Cave

Spotlight on Nick Cave – I have lost count of the number of his concerts I have attended, this being the last one, at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro in September 2017. It’s not great quality, taken on a phone in the dark, but I love it. It’s the best photo either of us has ever managed at a gig (so it’s probably John’s) and it really captures the moment. We both got to touch him as he crowd-surfed that evening, and I was almost trampled underfoot at the end when a few fans were allowed onto the stage. Happy days! He’s coming to Glasgow again in May, and guess who has tickets?

Linked to Becky’s January Squares challenge – words ending in light.


  1. I never heard of him and it shows how someone can be famous everywhere but in North America. Watch me be wrong because, I just don’t know music enough


  2. Oh, dear- how out of touch am I? Not even sure what a smart phone concert is 😦 😦 I did, however, scoot off to listen to some Nick Cave and read his recent answers on the Red Hand Files. I have a feeling I’m missing out. 🙂


  3. That’s a weird coincidence as I’m just back from a bothy where Nick Cave was the star attraction of the night via a smart phone concert. My mate is also a big fan so I got an album by album musical tour….. Whether I wanted one or not, being a captive audience :o).