April Squares: Endless Wall

So it’s April, and the wondrous Becky has started another of her square photography challenges. This time it’s #SquareTops, and one of the suggested ideas is Top of the World. I’m taking that idea and running the hell away with it in a purely self-indulgent fashion. In these difficult times, when we can hardly go beyond our own front doors, it will cheer me up no end to look back on the days when John and I were on top of the world metaphorically, by enjoying our travels, while also being on top of some (usually) natural high point. As John is Photographer-in-Chief on this blog, it will mostly be my grinning face that you see. And for other frustrated gallivanters who fancy some armchair travel, I will always provide a link to the full post.

Today’s photograph, from 2014, is of the Endless Wall Trail above the New River Gorge in West Virginia. Read more in Fayetteville and the New River Gorge.


  1. That is gorgeous! And it’s not all that far from where I live…thanks for the reminder to travel more, even in my own country. And I live for the day when we can travel again!


  2. My stomach is still recovering from looking at that photo. I’ve got no head for heights. Had vertigo for years but then it suddenly went but I never have been able to stand close to an edge (and you are closer than I could even imagine). Even looking down from some amphitheatres is enough to set me a-flutter.


  3. Reading this reminds me that Iโ€™ve spent no time or little time in many parts of the USA. West Virginia isnโ€™t around the corner from where I live. But it isnโ€™t incredibly distant either. Yet, I have never explored that state.


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