April Squares: Pikes Peak

Today’s post is a memory of a glorious trip up Pikes Peak in Colorado which, at 14,115ft, is the highest I have ever been. So definitely the top of my world – but don’t worry, we drove up. Or rather, we were driven by Scott, husband of fellow-blogger Claudia, both of whom generously gave up their time to show us some of their favourite places in Colorado. You can find Claudia at The Bookwright, where she’s currently engaged in the A to Z Challenge.

Linked to Becky’s #SquareTops challenge.

Full story: Pikes Peak with Claudia and Scott.


  1. That must have been fun! Strange that, with my abject fear of heights, I love the mountains and driving up them…well, not me, someone else and I didn’t like the drive while we were doing it but I always have great memories of the views. This is a long way up!