Australia 2004, Part 3: Daintree

Daintree Cape Tribulation Heritage Lodge

I was so looking forward to our four nights on Cape Tribulation in Daintree National Park, Queensland, where the rainforest comes right down to the sea. It was indeed beautiful, but our nights were reduced to three after the unscheduled stop in Cairns to patch me up after breaking two metatarsals. We manged a trip on the Daintree River Train to see crocodiles, but otherwise our time in Cape Trib consisted largely of driving around looking for places where the road was near enough to the sea for me to glimpse it. There was nearly always a strip of forest between them, and we only found one place where the path was short enough, and smooth enough, for me to make it onto the beach. I did insist, however, that John had time each day to do something without having to look after me, hence the horse-riding picture. Meanwhile, I relaxed on our veranda.

We left Cape Trib via the coast road – the 4WD-only Bloomfield Track – on our way north to Cooktown. In the pictures below, the “road” disappears into the river. It was a very bumpy ride!

About 28km from Cooktown, the track links with the “inland route” by which we would travel back a few days later. On this section, we stopped at Black Mountain National Park with its thousands of precarious looking square, black granite boulders. The mountain is known to Aboriginal people as Kalcajagga, or Place of the Spears. As with most sights, I enjoyed it from the front seat of the car.

Shortly after this, we arrived in Cooktown for a three night stay.


  1. We never made it to the north as we weren’t in Australia at the right time to visit that area. Now I regret it as I don’t know when we will be able to get back to Australia (they seem to want to close their borders for a very long time). So thanks for taking me to this area; at least I will have visited virtually. (Suzanne)


  2. Must have been so frustrating, and how annoying they didn’t give you one of those amazing casts that you can walk on. I never got this far north when I was in Australia, I would so love to return and explore