The whole splintering city: more murals from Glasgow

Mural by Cobalt Collective

We’ve been on a couple of mural hunts recently. I’ve wanted to see the one above since it was first painted in 2019 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Glasgow’s Doors Open Days. Its location is slightly off the beaten track on Brown Street, off the Broomielaw, but over Easter we made a special effort to walk down there and were suitably impressed. Created by Cobalt Collective, comprising  Erin Bradley-Scott, Chelsea Frew, Kat Loudon and Edda Karólína Ævarsdóttir, an all-female team formed as a counter to the gender imbalance in the mural scene, it depicts Glasgow’s built heritage along with elements of our coat-of-arms (the bell, the fish, the bird, and the tree). The words are from a Liz Lochhead poem, The Bargain, and are a beautiful description of a Glaswegian’s relationship with her city.

Yes today we’re in love aren’t we?
with the whole splintering city
its big quick river wintry bridges
its brazen black Victorian heart.

That was not the only street art we saw that day: on the way down we discovered this lovely little row of shops by EJEK in Elmbank Gardens, next to the Baby Grand Bar & Grill (which features in the mural).

On the way back, John stopped to photograph Smug’s swimmers underneath the Kingston Bridge, one of several sport-related murals from 2014 when Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth Games.

On Sunday we went hunting again for a canal-side mural that I saw on social media. It’s between Applecross and Speirs Wharf, for those who know the area.

I suspect it’s not authorised, and I don’t know anything about it other than that the artist’s signature is @Frodrik_ , but it looks cool. After 13 months of varying levels of lockdown, it’s good to know that Glasgow can still surprise me and that I’m still in love with the whole splintering city.


  1. Ooh, there’s a few here I’ve not seen before. Glasgow has some amazing murals and looking forward to getting back into the city for further exploring.


  2. Hi Anabel – what amazing murals – I can see why you’re entranced. Delightful – thanks for sharing with us – Shattering = no, just gorgeous! – Hilary