TreeSquare: trunk calls!

You are rubbish, stay home!

For Becky’s TreeSquare challenge today I am concentrating on trunks, mostly with a message: sometimes not a very friendly one, as seen above on a walk just after last year’s first lockdown, and sometimes more positive such as the tree below by the canal at Claypits.My beloved Suffrage Oak on the Kelvin Way often sports ribbons in the Suffragette colours. It wore the broad band in 2018 for the centenary of the first UK women to get the vote; the narrow ribbons are more recent.

Finally, I love these trunk / fence hybrids, both alongside the River Kelvin within walking distance of my home. I wonder how long the second one will last before it finally rots away?


  1. Those are good ones. I have noticed nearly every local wood has its own covid 19 decorations/toys/dangling things/ ‘fairy garden’ hanging on every tree but after a year out in the weather they now have more of a faded ‘witchy’ feel about them that I prefer. From bright Covid rainbows and lurid toys left everywhere outdoors to a softer eventual disintegration. Maybe in five or ten years time they will no longer be visible at all…dolls in the dust of history…. like the virus that inspired them.


  2. The trunk incorporated into the tree is very interesting. Have you ever seen the bicycle tree in Brig o’ Turk, near Aberfoyle and Callendar? A bicycle was propped up against the tree many years ago and the tree grew round it. Unfortunately I don’t have a decent photo of it to use for the challenge.


  3. I love the positive message on the second tree, so essential to think like this in our present state. I’ve got a similar one on a post in the garden bought for me by a friend recently, it cheers me up when I look at it.


  4. I take it you are referring to the Forth & Clyde Canal. There used to be a section of the canal at Port Dundas -= next to the Distillery, I know the distillery is gone but what happened to the canal?


    • The canal still goes to Port Dundas, it’s not far beyond Claypits. The warehouses there are now flats and the former Pinkston Power Station is a water sports centre. The Whisky Bond houses the Glasgow Sculpture Studios, the National Theatre of Scotland has its HQ nearby and Applecross and Claypits are all being done up. See this old post for some of it:

      A Glasgow canal walk


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