Glasgow Gallivanting: August 2021

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

August has been a very busy month in some ways and very quiet in others – I haven’t gallivanted far, just to my usual local haunts, such as the Botanic Gardens (above) which seemed to be turning into Jurassic Park at one point (below).

I continued to look out for all my favourite swan families.

And to spot new (to me) street art.

So that’s the quiet part. And the busy part? Mum has been quite poorly for most of the month (not Covid-related) and has been in hospital for the last two weeks. I visit every day and spotted this new bench at the Royal Alexandra.

I haven’t been writing blog posts, and my blog reading has been sporadic and cursory. I can’t concentrate on reading books at the moment, so some days a series of short blog posts is a perfect distraction. Other days, I just click “Mark all as read” and have done with it. Apologies if your latest masterpiece got caught up in the latter process! I can’t see things changing very much in the next few weeks, but I’ll maybe be able to catch up again at the end of this month. All the best to everyone for September.


  1. I haven’t been very active on my own blog lately. I published one post today from a trip in early Aug…really slow at processing pictures lately. We haven’t travelled far from home either though we have just booked our first foreign trip since March 2020 so we will see how it goes.

    Sorry to hear about your mom and send you lots of courage in this difficult time. (Suzanne)


  2. So sorry to hear you’re feeling like this Anabel, hope your mums illness is a recoverable one. I felt terrible when both my parents who are in their late 80s had Covid, luckily they recovered. But I’d love to see them but it won’t be till next year. It’s good you can still get out for walks and things.


  3. So sorry to read this, Anabel. Having negotiated Covid and all that went with it’s harrowing for you. At least you can visit! Just a little while ago you wouldn’t have been able to. Adding my wishes for a good recovery, and soon! Thank you for finding me. Sending hugs!