Glasgow Gallivanting: October 2022

Many cows, one purpose: as spotted by John on one of his cycle rides

I haven’t written anything since September’s gallivanting post – a totally unplanned omission for no reason other than that life has been busy. Partly socialising, and partly “work” – the women’s history walk season is winding down, but it’s not quite finished yet. I had one walk and one talk in October, and I’m now deep into serious revision / rewriting for the beginning of next year. So what else did I enjoy during the month?

We took a walk at Whitelee Windfarm – the 8 mile Lochgoin Circuit which we’ve enjoyed before, and which occupies only a small fraction of the place. The 10 second video below the gallery gives an idea of the slightly weird experience of walking under the shadow of the moving turbines – they are quite noisy.

We continued to enjoy our usual walks along the canal, looking out for our swan friends. The new bridge at Stockingfield Junction continues to be a delight – I can’t wait for it to be fully open.

The Botanic Gardens has been showing some beautiful autumn colours – and was taken over by dinosaurs as the annual GlasGLOW light show was set up.

On one of our walks down Byres Road we fancied a coffee and stepped into the University Cafe which was established in 1918. Unbelievably, neither of us had ever visited before, but we’ll be back. John spotted the chocolate cake – just look at it!

We had a week away at the end of the month in a cottage in Aberdeenshire – more to follow on that eventually, but in the meantime here’s John enjoying an evening by the fire in its cosy lounge. I met the couple in the next image in a café yesterday (31st) after, appropriately enough for Halloween, I had spent a couple of hours wandering the Necropolis with Louise, a fellow tour guide, as we plotted out a new route. I’m glad to say that John looks in much better health than the other two!

So that was my October, how was yours? I hope you have a lovely November.


  1. Hi Anabel – great pictures and that video … I’d be bewildered by the turbine arm shadows whistling past … and it’s like the noise from electrical sub-stations … have hidden ‘worries’. That chocolate cake does look rather good – no wonder you’re going back! Excellent you’ve found some new routes for your walks. Autumn colours with dinosaurs attracting the youngsters … thanks for sharing with us – cheers Hilary


  2. What a lovely time you had. Those wind turbines look like they could take you out as you walk near them. I love swans even though they can be temperamental. I loved what was written on that circle. Is that an old cenotaph surrounded by the blue Fence? That wedding couple need to eat some cake:)


  3. I meant to compare the birds seen on my annual survey after the wind turbines were installed nearby, with the data beforehand. I don’t think there was much difference, given all the other possible variables, but I never saw any barn owls in the neighbouring fields again. Then again, I never saw them anywhere else, either.

    I love Dunwan Hill’s plaque. Do a lot of hills have them?


  4. Love the idea of walking alongside the wind turbines, don’t see so many at this end of the country. All solar farms, not so impressive to wander by. Love the look of that wood burner, very cosy!


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