WalkingSquares: the canal

Stockingfield signs

Having not blogged for over a month, here I am two days in a row! That’s because Becky has restarted her Squares challenge and this month’s theme is Walking. Anything goes that you spot on your walks, as long as your image is square. I walk most days (the weather has to be really bad to put me off) because I find it good for both my physical and mental health, and usually I spot something quirky to photograph. And if I don’t – well, I still have loads of lockdown photos, some of which could be squared. So, Becky, for me this is your easiest challenge yet!

Today’s offering is from yesterday’s walk, a favourite loop taking in a section of the Forth and Clyde Canal. Because we were away last week, I’ve not been up there for a while and I noticed some changes at the new Stockingfield Bridge. The signage is now in place, and I liked the above view looking up at one of the posts with the suspension cables of the bridge just peeking in at bottom left. Artwork on-site is continuing to appear. Ceramacist Lousie Nolan has been running tilemaking workshops with community groups and some of the results have been used to decorate benches, as below.

Tiled bench by Louise Nolan

Finally, a few other images from my walk yesterday, either on or near the canal. The high-rise flats at Collina Street might be familiar as the fictional home of Isa Drennan to viewers of Scottish TV series Still Game. I only know that because I was once jokingly taken to task for missing this famous woman out of my women’s history walks. The boat is actually on the canal, which at this point runs alongside Maryhill Road. It might look as though it is sitting on grass, but all the greenery has got trapped behind the locks. Turn the corner and you get the view in the third image. You can just about spot some houses in the background, but otherwise you might never know you were in the middle of an urban area.

I always enjoy this route which could only have been made better yesterday by the appearance of some of the swans. However, they were nowhere to be seen: maybe they’ll make an appearance before the end of the month!


  1. Hi Anabel – I get out most days … not always far – but far enough if it’s wet and soggy like today. I like that tiled bench … and then the boat appearing to sail on the green belt! Good to see you here again – cheers Hilary


  2. Hi, Anabel – I’m glad to see you taking part in the Square Challenge again. That’s a great prompt for blogging.
    I walk every day as well. Like you, the weather has to be disasterous for me to stay in doors. I blame my mom – she always reminded me that I would not melt!


  3. I should walk more but I only go out for a walk every few days or so as there’s really only three good walks on foot from my house, the canal being one. I’m saving Stockingfield for when it’s completely finished.
    Jack and Victor lived on the same landing in that Maryhill hi rise yet when Jack moved house in the very first episode they apparently all lived in South Nitshill where I grew up yet I don’t remember them being there at all :o) Also they must have liked long walks to keep fit as their local pub was in Ruchill and the local shop they always visited was in Townhead. Like Taggart they got around Glasgow estates a fair bit when filming episodes or like Trainspotting, set in Edinburgh, yet mostly filmed around Glasgow’s council estates or in a nightclub in Partick. A long way to travel for an Edinburgh night out and a taxi back to Diane’s flat.


    • I don’t know when Stockingfield will be completely finished! You can get east to west easily now but there’s still a lot of work going on at the Ruchill side. Apparently the bridge is going to be lit up one day in December so I will look out for that. Yes, TV shows get all over the place! Like the recent series of Shetland where the outside of the library was in Shetland, but inside was Glasgow Women’s Library. I didn’t watch it but I always knew when it was on because my phone would start pinging with people wanting to tell me.


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