WalkingSquares: pumpkins at the palace

GlasGLOW pumpkins

A walk in the other direction from the canal took us through the Botanic Gardens yesterday. The pumpkins in front of the Kibble Palace glasshouse are part of GlasGLOW, an annual light event which starts before Halloween and runs through Bonfire Night and a couple of weeks beyond. They have been carved by local schools and community groups.

Linked to Becky’s WalkingSquares.


  1. Bah! American rubbish! Should be Scottish turnips. Much harder to carve out and less showy. Makes better soup and no mushy waste afterwards. Good for feeding sheep and wildlife as well :o)

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  2. I like the pumpkin display, they must look lovely all lit up. Here in one of the huge Manchester parks we will soon have Lightopia which is similar to your GlasGlow – I’d love to go but it’s a bit out of the way for me to get to.

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