We fall in love with Charleston


Charleston is so beautiful. The historic area at the confluence of its two rivers, the Ashley and the Cooper, has house after house that made our jaws drop. Maybe a Harry Potter fan lives in this one below?


This fountain is down by the harbour. The pineapple is significant as a symbol of Southern hospitality and you often see them carved both inside and outside of many historic houses. Apparently, a pineapple was placed on the mantelpiece to welcome guests, who would know they had outstayed their welcome on the day it disappeared. As they were expensive, some people could only afford to rent a pineapple as a centrepiece for their dinner party, then it would go on to the next house.


It was my birthday while we were here, so we booked a special meal at a restaurant called 82 Queen. It was fabulous. Three 18th and 19th century houses with courtyards behind give 11 different spaces to eat in. We ate under a tree lit by fairy lights, which almost made the food superfluous, but it was lovely too. A romantic end to the first stage of our holiday. Tomorrow, we’ll be in the mountains.


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