A is for Alaska

Denali / Mt McKinley
Denali / Mt McKinley

Alaska is beautiful and amazing. We visited over a decade ago and made the mistake of thinking that by travelling as part of an “Adventure Tour” we would go further off the beaten track than we could have on our own. This wasn’t the case, and two weeks in a minibus with a dozen other people wasn’t fun, especially when certain factions began to fall out with each other. On the upside, I probably did things I would never have done without peer pressure (check me out kayaking through icebergs!) Glaciers, as you would expect, were a major theme: we walked alongside them and on them (with crampons), sailed out to watch them calving, and took a flight over them in a very small plane. We’ll be back – but next time, we’ll do it ourselves!

A postscript: we travelled via Newark Airport. On our way home, a Sunday, we had a long enough layover to go into Manhattan in the afternoon. Our flight home was delayed and we left in the early hours of Monday morning. On the Tuesday, I went back to work. The date? September 11th, 2001. We had missed 9/11 by about 36 hours.


  1. We certainly didn’t kayak through icebergs – very adventurous! Amazing photos too! Gosh that must have been confronting when you saw what was happening on 9/11. Hopefully you’ll get back to Alaska one day 🙂


  2. Amazing place. You hear so many stories about people who escaped 9/11 my friend had been in the twin towers just a few days before. We were in Turkey and had to fly home a few days later and security meant we couldn’t even have hand luggage,no purse,no book nothing.


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