D is for Daintree

In 2004 we made our first, and so far only, trip to Australia. I was so looking forward to our four nights on Cape Tribulation in Daintree National Park, Queensland, where the rainforest comes right down to the sea. It was indeed beautiful, but our nights were reduced to three after an unscheduled stop in Cairns to patch me up after breaking two metatarsals. I spent the rest of the holiday in plaster up to the knee, on crutches, unable to put my left foot on the ground. Our time in Cape Trib consisted largely of driving around looking for places where the road was near enough to the sea for me to glimpse it – there was nearly always a strip of forest between them, and we only found one place where the path was short enough, and smooth enough, for me to make it onto the beach. I did insist, however, that John had time each day to do something without having to look after me, hence the horse-riding picture.

We left Cape Trib via the coast road – the 4WD-only Bloomfield Track – on our way north to Cooktown. In the pictures below, the “road” disappears into the river. It was a bumpy ride!


    • I do! Some day I’d love to come back, but I can’t possibly consider travelling this far while my mum is depending on me. We visited my aunt and uncle in Brisbane – my uncle is gone now, but I’d like to see my aunt again if possible, and now I would have the added incentive of several blogging friends to meet up with! I’ve always meant to write up this whole trip. Some day I will. Maybe if we have a bad winter and I don’t get out much.


  1. Such beautiful pictures. Must have been very frustrating for you to be injured. I broke my ankle in Hawaii playing beach volleyball but at least it was towards the end of our trip.


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