F is for Florence

I’ve had to dig way back for F, and for the first time scan in photographs from the pre-digital era. We visited Florence in December 1992, the only time we have ever spent Christmas abroad. It was lovely – the city was decorated, but in a tasteful, understated way rather than the rather vulgar tat you get in the UK. On Christmas Day, we just walked into a restaurant, which was open as usual, and had a pizza – no booking in advance and paying inflated prices. You could also walk into museums without queuing – unheard of in the summer. Maybe it’s changed in the last two decades – some day I’ll have to try another Italian Christmas to find out.

I feel terribly nostalgic looking at our slimmer, more youthful selves. I remember that tartan coat really well – I loved it. It was bought in a second-hand shop and I then spent the same amount (£5 or £10, I can’t remember) having the torn lining replaced. Sheer elegance, I’m sure you’ll agree!


    • Yes, I’ll never see that size again! On the other hand, the weight gain probably stems from all the delicious meals eaten while travelling, so I’m not complaining too much.


  1. Looking back at previous trips is so wonderful. Your pictures are great, especially for the pre-digital age. I love the sound of Christmas in Italy 🙂