N is for New York

New York – what a fabulous city! We’ve twice spent a week there, in March 2001 and March 2008, but what a difference 7 years makes. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre dominate the photographs of our first visit: pictures of them; pictures taken from them. When they fell on 9/11, I couldn’t help thinking of our visit a few months before and the people we met. The very grumpy lady who sold us the tickets; the photographers who took our picture. Were they on duty that day? What happened to them? I’ll never know.




  1. A gorgeous mosaic of images on what I personally believe is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The ultimate 24 hour city where there is always something going on! The aspect I found crazy about my experiences in NYC is that you could leave your hotel at 2AM and wander on to Times Square and it would be just as busy as 2PM.


  2. It really is a shock to visit NY after visiting with the towers. Reading about how people felt about them pre-9/11 they were an eyesore (maybe not exactly, but they weren’t the most architecturally beautiful buildings). But, they dominated that skyline. I remember being amazed by how high they really were. I also flew over NY a few times and knew we were over the city because of those buildings. Post-9/11, and well, we all know. What shocked me the most was to fly over NY for the first time and finding it took me a little while longer to know that I was over the city.


  3. Some great pics of New York especially the Statue of Liberty. 9/11 was so shocking. I have friends who took pictures when they were on top of the tower a year before. I was there 1 year later and saw what was being done and still remember the burnt out clock remains on the side of the other building. My hairdresser had a friend who worked there and got out in time. let’s hope the people you met were able to get out and be safe


    • It’s one of those things you’ll always remember where you were when you heard about it. It was just after lunch at work and the security man who came in to collect our cash told us. Shocking. We didn’t go there on our second trip, but I’ll be interested to go back next time and see how the area has been rebuilt.


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