P is for Page and Lake Powell

We visited Page after we’d been to the Grand Canyon in 2009. Between 1960 and 1963, the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona was constructed, resulting in the creation of Lake Powell – though it took a further 17 years for the lake to fill to capacity. Page was originally a camp for the dam workers, and it’s a fairly nondescript town even now, but in beautiful surroundings. It’s the best base for boat trips on the Lake (if you don’t hire a houseboat that is) which take you to view Rainbow Bridge, the world’s largest natural bridge at 290 feet high with a span of 275 feet. On the outskirts of town you can also visit Antelope Canyon, only a few feet wide and sometimes called Corkscrew Canyon for obvious reasons.

From here, we went on to U is for Utah.


    • It was lovely, and more time to spend on the lake would have been great, but there are so many amazing sites/sights in that area that we were quickly on to our next stop. I think that was Monument Valley. An embarrassment of riches!


  1. Beautiful pictures, been alot of years since we’ve been to Powell Lake…think we camped there or near there, will have to double check with hubby. He remembers those things better then I do.


  2. I feel the need to watch a John Ford western. I also need to see John Wayne. Love these pics and that natural bridge is so great and must be even more amazing to see in person